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Internet Summer 2007 Workshop
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Websites that Enrich your Curriculum


Teacher Sites


Internet Spell Check

Need an easy free way to check spelling on the Internet?  Download and install iespell


Powerful Unique Search Engine


Google For Educators



Username: search

Password: data


Free PDF Converter



Brief animated mini-lessons that cover a variety of subjects. Although this is subscription based, you may sample some clips for free.  Most schools in the district already have a subscription.


USERNAME: vesbrainpop

PASSWORD: bluebird



Read Write Think

Collection of interactive tools to support literacy learning in the K-12 classroom.

Tech Support Page to download Flash, Shockwave, etc.



Teacher’s Pet

Toolbar in Microsoft Word that allows one to create:

Bingo Card Maker , Verb Form Test Maker, Simple Crossword Maker, Flashcard Maker, Sentence Breaker, Paragraph Breaker, Jumble a Word, Sentence, List,

Multi Choice Question Maker, Synonym/Antonym Question Maker


Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office

Mailing labels, business cards, postcards, invitations, name badges, tent cards, binder spines, dividers, file folder labels, CD labels and more in minutes. Also, while at the site, sign up for free Avery Resources.


Microsoft Templates


Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office

Developed especially for schools, Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office extends Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint functionality to be more applicable to teaching and learning. Learning Essentials includes a substantial number of templates, toolbars, and tutorials for educators and students.


Microsoft Photo Story 3

Quickly create a photo show with no prior knowledge.


Open Office

Free office suite for Windows/Linux

Neo Office

Free office suite for Mac



Skype is software that enables you to make free calls anywhere in the world.


PagePlus SE

Free desktop publishing software (one computer only, contact on site for school license)

Also many free designs and templates.





Perfect for students, Avid Free DV is feature-streamlined, standalone software which includes basic video and audio editing capabilities, up to two streams of real-time effects and support for both Windows XP and Macintosh OS X platforms.



Make and share presentations on the web.


Free Foto

The largest collection of free photographs for non-commercial use with over 100,000 images.


Sound Dogs

Search and preview sound effects and production music for free - no account required.


Fonts for Kids

Install Directions



Create a rubric with just few clicks of the mouse



Wow, this site has it all for the busy teacher.


MarcoPolo lessons and tools

A portal that allows for safe surfing. It is free and update regularly.


Cool Teaching Lessons and Units

Resources for teachers who wish to find quality ready-made units and lessons for all subjects, or who wish to develop their own units.



Create Your Own Online Webquest


Virtual Field Trips

Glacier National Park Tour


Bubble Gum Factory


4H Virtual Farm


U.S. Capitol Building


Endangered Species


The Dark Ages


The Human Body


The Civil War


Good General Virtual Sites


A Day in the Life of The International Space Station


Belize: A Virtual Tour*&mh=1&nh=3


San Francisco Virtual Picture Tour


Historic Tour of the White House


Mt. Everest Online


Space Shuttle Tour


Creative Connections


The Smithsonian Institute


Extreme Sports



Social Studies


Jamestown Online Adventure


Make a Map


Aerial View of an Area


Language Arts


Comic Creator


Hear Online Stories


Inspiration/Kidspiration software- templates for science

Main Site - 

Resources -


Jeopardy Builder

Download the game template to use for free




Symmetry Main Page


Symmetry Game


What’s my Angle?



Create bar, line, pie, and area graphs using this website. You can then save, print, or copy your graph directly from the site.



Math games to integrate into your curriculum to reinforce concepts.



Hundreds of pages of basic math skills with interactive practice. Explanation of topic on each page as well as challenging games!


Math Forum

Site for Elementary Students, which contains fundamental problems, ask Dr. Math, puzzles, as well as interactive projects. Very student friendly.


Great resources for the Math Classroom

Wonderful math websites.



Illuminations lesson index


Cool Math


Fact Monster


FCAT Explorer


Figure This Math


Homepage for New Math Teachers ­


Math Teacher Resources


Mega Math


Using Venn Diagrams to Solve Problems


The 50 State Quarters Program


Visual Fractions


Math Goodies





Human Body

Your Weight on Other Planets

This site let's you figure out how much you would weigh on the nine planets and our moon.


Track a Satellite



A comprehensive site that offers different levels of information about the solar system.


The Nine Planets

This website is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each planet and the major moons in our solar system


Science Netlinks

Index for a variety of science lessons


WebQuest Portal

     Database of WebQuests containing over 1,500. Search by Title,

      Description, Author name, or URL.


Science Webquests

     Webquests useful for grades 3-5 teachers to enhance their curriculum.





Website loaded with fun interesting facts about the science world.



United Streaming

Streaming video that covers the entire curriculum. Check out the 3D-day free trial.


Free Teaching Materials


Free Mousepads for Teachers (2)


Veteran’s Day Packet


Computer Security Posters


Discover Nursing

You Can Be a Nurse Coloring Books, Bookcovers, Pins

Maximum 50


US Fire Administration

Numerous publications.


Share the World

A free educational program designed to help your students better understand and appreciate the animals with whom we share our world. Order complete program with video.  Grades 3-5


Just Choices

Through this program, students will learn how their everyday choices affect others in society and will be inspired to take on issues with passionate civic engagement.

Order complete program with video.  Grades 6-12.


Teaching Tolerance Videos

Starting Small  (Prek-3)

Mighty Times:  The Legacy of Rosa Parks (Grades 5-up)

Mighty Times:  The Children’s March (Grades 6-up)

America’s Civil Rights Movement (Grades 6-up)

A Place at the Table (Grades 8-up)

One Survivor Remembers (Grades 8-up)

Shadow of Hate (Grades 8-up)


American Plastics Council – Recycling

Hands on Plastics Kit



Free kits to kindergarten teachers (toothpaste samples, game, certificates)

Free materials for prek-3


Science Education

Women are Scientists Videos and Posters   Grades 6-12

Women are Pathologists, Women are Researchers, Women are Surgeons

Women are Scientists with Disabilities


NASA Earth/Mars Comparison Posters


International Paper

Posters, books on trees, forests


Wright Center for Science Education

Science Posters: The Human Genome, Electromagnetic Spectrum, The Science of Change, Cosmic Evolution, The Sphere of Life, Scale and Size, Earth Anatomy, Vernal Pool Life


Health, Nutrition Kits

Grades Prek-12


Reading A-Z

30 Free Books (leveled: English, Spanish, French. decodables, read-alouds, poetry, and alphabet)


Post-It Perks

Join to receive free Post-It items.


Dole 5 a Day

Nutrition kit includes posters, audio songs, kid’s cookbook, charts, certificates, lessons, cd rom.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Brochures, posters, charts


USGS-Water Resources

Posters for Elementary/Middle School: Coastal Hazards, Watersheds, Hazardous Waste, Wetlands, Water Use, Waterwaste, Navigation, Groundwater, Water Quality.


Women in Science Career Posters

Videos and posters.


National Institute on Drug Abuse

Education resources & materials on drug abuse.


Building Homes of Our Own

An interactive teaching tool for the middle and high school classrooms. The simulation presents a macro view of the entire home building process from site selection to final sale. Students collect information, solve problems and make choices as they build a 3D home against a budget, then review credit applications and sell to the buyer of their choice. Request CD online.



Online tools: QuizStar, RubiStar, Skill Builders, Classroom Architect, Web Worksheet, Project Poster


Technology Teacher Tools

A variety of online tools and downloads.


Be CyberSmart

A free curriculum to address Internet safety and responsibility. K-8





School Grants


The Foundation Center


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Up to $200 for science and math


Grants Alert


School Funding Center


Federal Government Grants




Best Buy Teach Awards


Funding Factory

Recycle printer cartridges and cell phones for school equipment or cash.


I Love is a free donor-matching service for education! School teachers build WishLists of equipment, materials and supplies; anything they need for their classroom. Donors locate teachers through our WishList search and offer their donations of new or used items or the cost of the teacher's WishList.


eSchool News


Fujifilm Giving Applications and Guidelines


Free Software Downloads


Web Grid

Numerous programs for business, desktop, education, games, graphics, internet, programming, system utilities. Also can check for adware, spyware before downloading.


Educational Freeware

Programs for all curriculum areas.


2 + 2 Math

Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (0 to 100) Windows


Art Rage2

Easy to use painting package.  Paint with oils, sketch with pencils, sprinkle glitter, and more. Load in your photos as Tracing Images to help you recreate them as paintings. Windows/Mac


Owl and Mouse Software

Maps That Teach, US Map Puzzle (states and capitals), Learn Letters, Learn Sounds, Bridge to Reading, Build Your Own Medieval Castle, Make a Village, Make a Farm



Count Us In Primary Math Software

15 games.   Mac/PC



“Before You Know It” Language Learning Software

Choose from 41 languages. Windows/Mac


Finale Note Pad

Music notation software.  Windows/Mac


Touch Typing

Download the stand alone or web version.



Primary games:  Click n Color, Counting with Tiny, Leaping Numbers, Pattern Joust


FreeWare Home

Numerous programs business, desktop, education, games, graphics, internet, programming, system utilities.


Just For Fun




Password manager and web form filler.







Web Sites by Subject


African American Music

American Ballet Dance Dictionary

American Museum of Photography

And They Kept on Dancing

A. Pintura Art Detective

Arts Alive

Buddhist Art and Architecture

Changing Stages:  20th Century Theater

Color Theory

Creative Drama

Delta Blues Education Foundation

Essentials of Music

Eyes on Art

Free to Dance:  Dance in America

Kabuki for Everyone

Kennedy Center Arts Edge

Kodak Education

Music Genre Sampler

National Geographic Camera Bag

New York Philharmonic KidZone

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Sanford ArtEventure

Sister Wendy's American Art

Theater Lesson Plan Exchange

The World of Puppets

Health & Physical Education

Adolescent Directory On-Line


American Alliance for Health, Physical Education,
Recreation and Dance

American Heart Association

Ask ERIC Health Lesson Plans

Brain POP

California Physical Education Resources


Dole 5 a Day


National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and
Drug Information

Navy Run, Jump and Throw

PE Central



Language Arts/Literature

17 Highly Recommended Books for Boys

18 Highly Recommended Books for Girls

100 Picture Books Every Child Should Know

Academy of American Poets


Folger Library Teaching Shakespeare

Guide to Grammar and Writing

High School Teachers at Random House

Language of the Land:  Journeys into Literary America

Literary Periods in American and English Literature

National Council of Teachers of English

Norton Topics On-Line

PBS Teacher Source

Poetry 180

Poetry and Literature Center of the Library of Congress  

Read Across America

Schoolhouse Rock

Serious Play:  Reading Poetry with Children

Yahooligans Links to Books

Lesson Plans and Resources

A to Z Teacher Stuff

Ask ERIC Lesson Plans

Columbia Education Center


Encarta Lesson Plans

Gateway to Educational Material

Health & Physical Education

McGraw Hill Learning Network

New York Times Learning Network

Smithsonian Institute Lesson Plans


A+ Math

AAA Math

Algebra Solutions

Banking on our Future

Boxer Math Tesselation Tool

BrainPOP Algebra

BrainPOP Comparing Prices

Cadbury Learning Zone

Escape from Knab

FDIC Learning Bank


FunBrain Change Maker

Get Smarter

Math Baseball

A Math Dictionary for Kids

Math in Daily Life]

Math Tables

NOVA online:  Secrets of Making Money

PBS Kids: Games

US Mint Money Site


Anthropology & Archeology

American Museum of Natural History

The British Museum

San Diego Museum of Man

UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History

University of Pennsylvania Archeology and
Anthropology Museum


The National Aquarium in Baltimore

New England Aquarium

New Jersey State Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

Art Museums

Art Institute of Chicago

The Barnes Foundation

Georgia O'Keefe Museum

The Getty

The Louvre

The Jewish Museum of New York

Metropolitian Museum of Art

Mexican Fine Arts Museum

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

National Gallery of Art


ARS Science for Kids

ABC The Lab

Ask a Biologist

BBC Nature Animals

Brain POP

The Cell

Chem 101

Chem Team

EarthNet:  Resources for Earth Science Teachers

Elementary Educator Resources

Exploring Planets in the Classroom

Mr. Biology

Nature On-Line

Newton’s Apple

Physics Zone

Science and Health Resources 7-12 Resources

Science Learning Network


Social Studies

13 Originals

17th Century New England

Academy of Achievement

Africans in America

BBC History


Biography of America

Center for Liberal Arts

Elections the American Way

Eye Witness:  History through the eyes of
those who have seen it

First Americans for Grade Schoolers

History Channel Great Speeches

History Channel Teachers Guide

History Place: Holocaust Timeline

History and Social Studies Web Sites for Teachers

Journey through the Middle Ages

Making of America

Map Collections from the Library of Congress

Mapping the National Parks

Maps of Christopher Columbus Voyages

National Geographic Homework Help

Odyssey On-Line

PBS History

Plimoth Plantation

Renaissance Personalities

Roanoke Revisited


Smithsonian:  Within These Walls

Teacher’s Guide to Folklife Materials for K-12 Classroom

Timeline of Black History

Timeline of Lewis and Clark

Timeline of the Women’s Rights Movement

Today in History

US News Classroom

World History

World History Resources for Social Studies Teachers

World Languages

French  French Language Site

Center for Liberal Arts:  French

French-English Dictionary

French Translation Games

La Fete

Le Francais

Fodor’s Living Language

Really Useful French Language Site

Quia French Activities

Yahoo Picture Gallery: France

Yahoo Travel: France

Yahooligans World Fact Book: France

Yahooligans World Fact Book: Haiti

German German Language
http, ://

English German Translation Games
http, ://

Fodor’s Living Language

German Way:  Christmas

K-12 German Teacher

Lingua Web

Quia German

Yahoo Picture Gallery:  Germany

Yahoo Travel Guide : Germany

Yahooligans:  Fact Book Germany


ABC Cartoons in Italian  Italian Language Site

An Italian Christmas


Fodor’s Living Language

Italian Painting of the 15th Century

Italian Sculpture

Italy Travel Information

Mangiare Bene

Yahooligans World Fact Book: Italy




CBC for Kids:  Latin News

E.L. Easton Latin On-Line

Latin Conjugator

Latin Dictionary

Latin Grammar

Latin Language and Literature Resources

Latin Pages on Ancient/Classical History

The Latin Site

Latin Teach


Spanish  Spanish Language Site

American Heritage Spanish Dictionary

Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciations

The Conjugation Trainer

Fodor’s Living Language

Links to Latin American Countries

Resources for Spanish Students

Yahoo Travel Guide:  Central America

Yahoo Picture Gallery Mexico

Yahoo Travel Guide:  Mexico

Yahoo Travel Guide:  South America

Yahoo Picture Gallery Spain

Yahoo Travel Guide Spain

New Jersey ETTC's


Somerset County

Brook Arts Center

Delaware & Raritan Canal Commission

Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey

The Planetarium at Raritan Valley College

Raritan Valley Choral Society

Somerset County Library System

Somerset County NJ

Somerset Patriots

Somerset Valley Orchestra

Somerset Valley Players

Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College

United States Bicycling Hall of Fame

United State Golf Association Museum

United States Equestrian Team

Watchung Arts Center


NJ Government

New Jersey Hangout for Kids

New Jersey Judiciary

New Jersey Legislature

New Jersey Office of the Governor

New Jersey Services

New Jersey State Library

New Jersey Train and Bus Schedule

New Jersey Travel and Tourism


Historic Sites

Batsto Village

Edison National Historic Site

Morristown National Historic Park

Old Barracks Museum

The Drake House

The Hermitage

Waterloo Village


Battleship New Jersey

Liberty Science Center

Morris Museum

Newark Museum

New Jersey State Aquarium

New Jersey State Museum

New Jersey State Police Museum and Learning Center

Rankokus Indian Reservation

Washington Crossing State Park


Recreation and Sports

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Site

Hidden Valley Ski Resort

Mountain Creek Resort

NJ Devils

NJ Parks and Forests Index


Theater and Entertainment

Community Theater of NJ, Morristown

Count Basie Theater, Red Bank

George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick

McCarter Theater, Princeton

New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark

PaperMill Playhouse, Millburn

State Theater, New Brunswick


Alabama State Site




























New Hampshire

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



U.S. Government

Ben's Guide to US Government

Browse Government Resources from Library of Congress

United States Air Force

United States Army

United States Department of Agriculture

United States Department of Commerce

United States Department of Defense

United States Department of Education

United States Department of Energy

United States Department of Health and Human Services

United States Department of Homeland Security

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

United States Department of Interior

United States Department of Justice

United States Department of Labor

United States Department of State

United States Department of Treasury

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy

The White House



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