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Demographic Transition WKST - remember there is room for interpretation!
Age Structure Diagram Review Answers
1.  a - A, C, B, D
     b - Based on the shape.  Large triangle means growing rapidly, smaller triangle indicates slower growing, column indicates stable, upside down triangle indicates declining population
2.  a.  Fig 20, based on the wider shape of the graphs (triangular shape)
     b.  Similar shape except for the number of people in each age category and the number of children ages 0-9
     c.  Increased education about birth control, choice of less children as people move into cities, possible social security programs for elderly indicated less of a need for children, disease that wipes out younger population, etc.
     d.  70-79, Figure 18 due to the bubble of that population
     e.  1990 - Stage II, 2000 - Stage III, 2050-2060 - Stage IV
     f.  1990 - Stage II, continuing in stage II based on huge population growth
     g.  If Fig 18 is representative of Mexico, population will become stable and there will be less concerns with resources needed to support all of those children.  If Fig 20 is representative of Mexico, the population will grow rapidly and there will be less space, food, water, etc., given to each person if everythign is distributed evenly.
Environmental Science Articles of Interest (Discussion of the loss of our ocean dwellers due to human actions)
Environmental Science Opportunities:
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