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Interested in a summer camp program where your child can have fun while learning too?  The Montgomery Township Recreation Department is working together with the  Montgomery Township’s S.O.A.R. Summer Program to offer affordable summer camp options. 


Children who are registered for the Montgomery Township Recreation Program’s Rec n’ Crew camps with the aftercare option are able to also take S.O.A.R. courses.  How can this happen? 

Register for any of the S.O.A.R. programs online at and register for the Rec n’ Crew Program at the Otto Kaufman Recreation Center.  Students who are taking a course with the Summer Enrichment Program will be escorted between the Rec n’ Crew Program and Summer Enrichment Programs within the SAME building. **We do NOT provide transportation to Montgomery Park or to any other building**  


For example, if your child is entering the 4th grade and would like to take the Legos course for Summer Enrichment for one week the following would be their schedule.  Your child would be dropped off for the Legos course at Orchard Hill for 8:30am, complete the course at 12:30pm and have a staff member escort your child to the Rec n’ Crew aftercare program located at Orchard Hill for this week.  After your child’s Summer Enrichment course is over they would attend the Rec n’ Crew Program at its regular location!





Grades 1-3 rec n’crew will be held at Orchard Hill. If your child is in 4th grade they will need to attend the Grades 1-3 rec n’ crew for the time they are enrolled in a S.O.A.R. class. 



Rec N Crew runs until 6:00pm each evening!  
Costs for Rec-N-Crew:

1 week - $125.00

2 weeks - $225.00

3 weeks - $325.00

4 weeks - $425.00


The last day of Rec-N-Crew camp is August 8th and there is an end of camp party at Montgomery Park.  All campers spend the day at the park and camp ends at 3pm.  There is no post-camp so ALL CHILDREN FROM THE SOAR PROGRAM MUST BE PICKED UP from OHES.

If there are any questions about the aftercare option or the any other aspects of the Rec n’ Crew Program and Summer Enrichment do not hesitate to contact any of the individuals below:


Monica Clewell, S.O.A.R. Supervisor


Kathy Sinclair, S.O.A.R. Assistant Supervisor

Keith Glock, S.O.A.R. Coordinator   

Karen Zimmerman, Recreation Director

(609) 466-3023



Last Modified on July 7, 2014
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