Kindergarten Registration Forms

  •  Kindergarten Registration for 2019-20 School Year

    Orchard Hill Elementary School
    244 Orchard Road, Skillman, New Jersey 08558
    Ph: (609) 466-7605; Fax: (609) 466-7690 
    Click here to view information regarding dates and times to register your child for kindergarten for 2019-2020.
    To register for Kindergarten there are several forms that need to be filled out. 
    1. Click on each of the registration forms to complete and print.  Please bring completed forms with you when you register.
    • FORM A: Kindergarten Registration Instructions
    • FORM B: Kindergarten Registration Form (complete and print)
    • FORM C: School Health Services Form
    • FORM D: Physical Exam Form (Physical Exams performed from Sept.1, 2018 will be accepted.  Submit by Sept. 5. 2019)
    • FORM E: Caregiver Form (alternate daycare transportation form, if needed)
    • FORM F: Home Language Survey Form 
    • FORM G: Kindergarten Information Form
    2. In addition to completing form B, you can also complete the online pre-registration form to expedite the registration process.  Please go to and follow the online instructions.
    3. Please bring the following four documents in original form and one photocopy of each, along with completed paperwork to Kindergarten Registration as per the scheduled times.  All required documents must be presented at the time of registration in order to complete the registration process:
              1.  Official birth record or passport (Child must be five years old on or before October 1, 2019.)
              2.  Proof of residency in the township (one of the following is required):
      • Fully executed lease in the name of the parent/guardian which must reflect the current year and must be signed by both parties (landlord and tenant)
      • Deed or current property tax bill in the name of the parent/guardian
      • Fully executed contract of sale if in the process of purchasing a home (follow-up documentation required)
    3.  Utility bill: home telephone, gas, electric, water, sewer or cable (Must be in the name of the parent/guardian and dated within 60 days of date of enrollment.)
              4.  Immunization record (Most recent record)
    Registration forms are also available at Orchard Hill Elementary School's main office beginning December 14, 2018.