• Every 15 Minutes

    On May 1 and May 2, the Junior and Senior students of MHS experienced the “Every 15 Minutes” program for the first time. The Every 15 Minutes program is a D.U.I/Distracted Driving program.  The Montgomery Police, EMS, and Fire Departments in conjunction with MHS administration and Montgomery/Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance as well as several other volunteers have put in many planning hours since the start of the school year to make this program a success.


    This 2-day program is aimed at underage alcohol consumption, alcohol awareness, texting/distracted driving, and the possible deadly results that can accompany poor choices made by our young drivers.  As part of this demonstration, a mock traffic collision was staged in the parking lot of MHS near the solar panels/bus drop pick up/off. The mock traffic collision included an emergency response from the Montgomery Police Department, Fire Department, and North Star Air Rescue. Each agency responded to the traffic collision scene and provided assistance, as if it were a real traffic collision. MHS Juniors and Seniors assembled in the parking lot area to witness the collision scene.


    Day one incorporated the message of loss.  Pre-selected students were removed from their classrooms, approximately every 15 minutes, and their obituary was read by a police officer to the rest of the class. The student then returned to class with a black t-shirt and face make-up to symbolize “The Walking Dead.”  Those students could not speak for the rest of the day.  At the end of day one, participating students and parents remained at the high school for a retreat, where they listened to guest speakers on related topics and participated in several hands-on activities.  


    On day two, MHS Juniors and Seniors assembled in the MPAC for a mock funeral.  The assembly included guest speakers, a video recapture of day one’s events, personal messages from parent/student participants, and musical accompaniments all facilitated by Mr. Paul Popadiuk, school principal.


    Student Participants:

    Rhea Bhargava - Jake Blecher - Nora Bradley - Alex Chen - Jabari Clemons - Zoee D’Costa - Ariel Epstein - Emma Fox - Tyler Licata - Joshua Lipowski - Jack Nierenberg - Katherine Neusner - Dhara Patel - Jacob Pettit - Priya Rao - Mitchell Resnick - Trevor Schmidt - Matt Stauffer

    Every Fifteen Minutes  
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