Language Arts/ Social Studies & More...

    •  DOGO News- This is a great non-fiction reading practice website. There are current event articles on a variety of topics and at the end of each article there are questions to check comprehension. Sometimes, there are videos that go along with the articles as well. Short and sweet for a week night practice.
    • Time for Kids- Another non-fiction reading website. It has great current events and videos. There's even a section called Time/Edge that could provide a more challenging reading level for your student. It's geared toward middle school reading levels.
    • Fact Monster- Fact Monster is a free reference site for students and parents. Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects. It's an online dictionary, encyclopedia and almanac. It not only helps with Language Arts concepts but it covers Social Studies, Math & cience as well.
    • Scholastic for Kids- It's called "The Stacks"- here kids can read about issues relevant to their world and get suggestions on what's new in reading. There are games, blogs, videos and much more to help keep their interest peeked as they find new resources for reading. 

    •  Vocabulary- A great website to help increase your vocabulary. 

      The website uses the world's smartest dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will help students master new words quickly.



    • Fun Brain- This website has fun practice activities for both Reading and Math. 

    • Dictionary-  This great website is not just an online dictionary resource. They also have a thesaurus and translating tool. They also have lots of fun facts and slideshows about words and how they are used in the world around us. For example, the did a Word walk through the 5 feelings in the movie "Inside Out."



    • Brain Pop- This website has lots of fun videos done in kid terms and with great graphics to attract the young mind. Kids will have been exposed to this website in class as well.
    • National Geographic- Videos, articles, games and more related to Social Studies and Science topics. Fun and multi-modal for kids to chose which way they'd like to read and interact with the information. Great resource for Geography help too.



    • Smithsonian Institute: This website is an interactive way to research and explore topics in Social Studies and Science straight from the experts and done for kids.