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     Homework and Grading Policy

    Assignments are given to reinforce concepts learned in class or to prepare students for the lesson the following day. In either case, the on time completion of homework tasks is essential to your child's learning. All ON TIME assignments are eligible for full credit and point value. Late assignments will lose points daily until turned in. The points we deduct are usually related to the overall points of the task (which vary). If you are concerned about a particular assignment, an email is always the best way to find out how it will be graded. We are strict on Homework, especially at the beginning of the year to reinforce good work habits and establish healthy study routines.
    Absences or Planned Vacations on school time
    In the case where your child is absent or on vacation, our homework and hand outs are always available in the classroom upon their return. Once your child comes back to school they should see me to find out what they've missed and also to arrange new due dates for certain assignments/ tests/ projects. Students will typically be given the same amount of time as was originally given for the completion of the assignment. Also, after school help days are a great opportunity for them to catch up under these circumstances.
    Language Arts/ Social Studies Grading Policy
     Your child's grades will be calculated using the following percentage breakdown:
    • 20% Performance assessments (mid-unit)
    • 25% Summative assessment (end of unit)
    • 45% Formative (quizes, classwork, journals, other)
    • 10% homework (primarily checked for completion)