• PTSA Staff Appreciation Awards

     “Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself.  It is what you do for others.”       - Danny Thomas

    The PTSA is pleased to offer an opportunity for the talented and hard working Staff members of MHS to be recognized for their achievements. Parents, students, teachers, and staff members submit nominations for the Annual PTSA Staff Appreciation AwardThis award honors teachers, staff members, and administrators in our school who have had an especially positive influence on the lives of our high school students, or on the school community as a whole.  Nominations help us to identify and reward those special members of our MHS community who make superior contributions and positive differences in our school every day.



    2018-2019 Award Winners

    Kelly Apel - Rama Bulusu - Maureen Conway - Daniel Fishman - Jamie Meeker

    Stephen Miller - Raheel Saleem - Rachel Sitar - Johanna Snedeker - Stacey Wang


    2017-2018 Award Winners
    Anna Aggabao
    Jessica Doyle
    Jenna Enos
    Christine Hazynski
    Christian Lugo
    Jason Oosting
    Inez Serrano
    Joanne Tonkin
    Jane Witteman
    Jeffrey Woodworth 
    2016-2017 Award Winners 
    Jaissa Almonte 
    Brian Beyer 
    Matthew Flug 
    Mary Ellen Foley 
    Paula Gebhart 
    JL Marshall  
    Michael Pogue 
    Christopher Resch 
    Paul Stemmler 
    Michael Stern 
    Glen Stuart
    2015-2016 Award Winners
    Michelina Aichele
    Jon England
    Daniel Fishman
    Michael Girvan
    Christine Grossmann
    Carla Hampton
    Pat Kurczewski
    Kathy Logothetis
    Zoran Milich
    Nick Mylowe
    Heather Palacek 
    2014-2015 Award Winners 
    Jeff Brooks
    Craig Buszka
    Melissa Fattarusso
    Mike Holinko
    Kawika Kahalehoe
    Sophia Milner
    Amy Mintz
    Scott Pachuta
    Jacquie Raftery
    Kristina Shebchuk 




Last Modified on August 23, 2019