PARCC: Personal Needs Profile (PNP) Information

  • The Personal Needs Profile is a collection of student information regarding a student’s testing condition, materials, or accessibility features and accommodations that are needed to take a PARCC assessment. Student’s with IEP’s, 504 Plans and English Language Learners (ELL’s) are entitled to accommodations for the PARCC assessments. In addition, all students are entitled to accessibility features for the PARCC assessments. 

    On the PARCC computer-based assessments, accessibility features are tools or preferences that can be used by any student taking the PARCC assessments (i.e., students with and without disabilities, gifted students, English learners, and English learners with disabilities). Since the accessibility features are intended for all students, they are not classified as accommodations.

    The list of available PARCC accessibility features as well as accommodations is provided in the PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual This manual differentiates those accessibility features that are available onscreen to all students, and those that must be identified in advance via a Personal Needs Profile.

    A relatively small number of students will require additional accessibility features for their particular needs that must be identified in advance in a Personal Needs Profile: Answer Masking; Color Contrast/ changing the background or font color onscreen; Student Reading Assessment Aloud to Him or Herself; listening to Text-to-Speech for the Mathematics Assessments; or Human Reader or Human Signer for the Mathematics Assessments.

    According to PARCC, recent research suggests that providing too many tools onscreen may lead to ineffective use of the tools provided and/or an impact on a student’s test performance. Furthermore, according to PARCC, the on-off controls for these features might distract some students if they were shown onscreen, or interfere with other features or accommodations. Therefore, some accessibility features will be selected ahead of time and included in a student’s PNP.

    Student Personal Needs Profiles for spring 2018 testing are currently being created.  If a parent would like to contribute input to their child’s PNP, please notify via email your child’s guidance counselor, case manager or ELL teacher (grades 3-12) by October 20, 2017.  Below are links that will allow you to view the PARCC accessibility features. 

    This link provides a tutorial of some of the accessibility features and accommodations for the PARCC assessments:

    If you select to view a practice test and want to view accessibility features please click on this link: