• Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!

    We are looking forward to meeting you in September.  In preparation for our first classes together, we would like you to read a wonderful book:  The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton.

    Fun fact:  S. E. Hinton wrote this novel when she was just 16.  Yes, she’s female - but her publisher thought that readers might take her more seriously if her identity were obscured, especially since this is a story about boys.  Good call?  Who knows...but this book has sold more than 14 million copies since, and continues to be a favorite among middle school students everywhere.

    Please take this assignment seriously, as we will base many lessons on it.  Feel free to listen to a recorded version and follow along in the text, if that works best for you.

    Complete the assignment ON A GOOGLE DOC (that you will ultimately transfer to a Google Classroom assignment).  Remember to re-read your work, checking for accuracy in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar usage (they matter).

    In addition, you are required to read one additional book of your choice -- fiction or nonfiction.  In September, you will provide your teacher with the title and author of the book you chose to read for pleasure.  That book has no required assignment.


    Additional Reading: