• The Summer Reading Assignment


    This assignment gives you an opportunity to study the art of writing by a) reading articles about how to write a story and b) analyzing how a professional writer, S.E. Hinton, applies such advice in her novel, The Outsiders.

    The “Advice for Writers” articles listed below are not only useful for this assignment, but they will be valuable resources throughout the 2018-19 school year.


    Quickly read through the remainder of this document just to get a feel for what is being asked of you.

    • Then, proceed to Step 1.  

    • Next, proceed to Step 2.

    Step 1: Advice for writers (recommended timeframe: 30 minutes, total)

    Please quickly look at the following articles.  Then decide which one is most interesting to you and read it.  Spend about 30 minutes doing this activity, as it will be necessary to accomplish your assignment.

    Step 2: Informed analysis (recommended time frame: 1-2 hours)

    In an attempt to better understand the mindset and techniques of professional writers, record 6-10 observations from The Outsiders in the following table.  

    Refer to the samples for guidance; they are high-level models.  Please notice what each of the three columns do, and how they work together.

    It’s ok if your work is less sophisticated than these models, but try to make it look similar to them.

    **NOTE:  The examples below are based on articles that are NOT listed above.