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    Welcome to Mrs. Dewrell's
    Language Arts / Social Studies Class!

    native americans
    Extra Documents
    North American Territories This document provides you websites where you can learn additional information about the environments of the Native Americans.
    Building a Reading Life Student rubric to use as a self-assessment over independent reading expectations.
    Student Reading Reflection Use to self-assess how you are doing within a week's worth of reading.
    Just Right Books and Bands of Text Complexity Use these steps to determine if the book you are reading is "Just Right." Additionally, view the bands of text to see how each differ from one another.
    Claim, Evidence, Warrant (C.E.W.) Format students use across contents to write informatively.
    Readers Notebook Rubric How students will be assessed each week on their responses from the Read Aloud in class and in their Independent Reading book.
    Reading Log Use this to log each time you read (don't forget to time yourself as well as fill in the pages read!)