• Second Grade Cub Leaders


    Our Cub Leader program is currently in its second year and was developed by the OHES School Safety and Climate Team.  This team is comprised of counselors, administrators, teachers and parents.  Cub Leaders spread the message of being bucket fillers!  

    In June, the School Safety and Climate Team reached out to the first grade teachers and asked for student nominations based upon the following criteria:

    1. Helps others without being asked
    2. Shows kindness
    3. Follows directions
    4. Trustworthy
    5. Inclusive of their peers
    6. Gets along well with others
    7. Has a positive attitude
    8. Demonstrates responsibility
    9. Reliable

    Students were required to show these behaviors consistently throughout the school year and without being asked.  Those students were invited to be Cub Leaders in second grade.  Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, second grade teachers may nominate a student(s) to be a Cub Leader if they feel that they consistently display the criteria mentioned above.  Those students will be invited to join the program by the school counselors and their parents will be notified. Please note that parent or child requests to be a Cub Leader will not be honored.  

    Cub Leaders are offered opportunities throughout the school year such as the following:

      1. Assisting at buses during dismissal.  In this role Cub Leaders will assist students in identifying their correct bus and reminding students to follow the rules when they board.  
      2. Classroom Visits.  Cub Leaders will be assigned a first grade classroom to visit once a month throughout the year.  During these visits, they will spread the message of the monthly Pillar of Character.
      3. Peer Assisted Learning (PAL).  Cub Leaders will visit the kindergarten, first and second grade resource classrooms on a rotating basis to provide practice in building social skills through play and activities.




Last Modified on September 29, 2017