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    ESL  - English as a Second Language is also better know now as ELL - English Language Learners.  Because English may not be a student's second language, the new term is better suited for the students who all need to learn the language to better give the students an opportunity to be educated with their English speaking peers.
    The classes are group into small groups so there is more teacher-student contact time while learning to listen, speak, read, and write in English.  Early in the year, students are assessed to see where their English language proficiency is.  Those who need more time to get familiar with the language are placed in two ELL classes, giving them a chance to practice the language and be more comfortable using the language with others with a similar background.
    There is a new curriculum: Reach.  This curriculum helps ELLs to listen, speak, read and write English while learning content material at their pace.  This allows them to be familiar with concepts and subject matter in their mainstream classes.  There are many different visuals and organizers to help the students to understand the material and to help them.  There are practice materials to guide them through their learning as well.