Hello and Welcome!
    My name is Ms. Martinez and I teach English language learners (ELLs) at Montgomery Lower Middle School.  I have been in the field of education for over 8 years.  Currently I am certified to teach English as Second Language, Bilingual Education as well as all content areas K-6.  I attended The College of New Jersey and obtained a Masters in Education specializing in English Acquistion and Bilingual/Multicultural Education. 
    Nothing warms my heart than being able to provide a safe and productive learning environment for our children.  Not only do I think learning content is important, but so is building character and resilence at a young age.  Without physical and emotional safety, students cannot learn to their fullest potential.  Respect, tolerance, socio-emotional learning, and celebration of diversity is of uptmost importance.  I  strive to make a genuine connection with all students and to build community.  Together we cultivate a love for learning, kindness for one another, and overcoming obstacles by adopting a growth mindset.
    Advocacy for students transcends the walls of my classroom.  I advocate for educational equity and tolerance in many different ways and will continue to do so, because our children and humanity deserves it.  
    Please do not hesistate to reach out to me with questions or concerns.
    You can email me at nmartinez@mtsd.us