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    UMS Advisory Focuses on Appreciating Veterans (Nov 2016)
    The Upper Middle School values the social-emotional learning component of education, and so this year, our Advisory is focusing on developing empathy.  We have agreed that empathy involves making an effort to understand other people's situations so that we judge them less and instead, make them feel accepted and wanted.
    Each month, students will learn about and explore a different situation that people experience.  
    In honor of Veterans Day, November's goal was to understand some of the sacrifices that veterans make and the challenges that they face, so that we could develop an appreciation for their service and an empathy for them as individuals.
    Before students met in the small-group Advisories, the 7th graders attended a presentation by Dr. Adam Hackel, our band director and a long-serving member of our armed forces.  Mr. Gene Porcelli, who teaches history at MHS and served in two tours of the war with Iraq, shared his experiences and perspectives with the 8th graders.
    Students then participated in guided lessons about veterans and empathy, and then wrote letters to members of our armed forces.
    We look forward to next month, when we will explore the topic of developing empathy for people experiencing financial hardship..
Last Modified on November 28, 2016