This course meets state graduation requirements for World Languages and NJ Student Learning Standard 7.1.  Students progress towards ACTFL intermediate-high proficiency.  

     The Intermediate-high language learner will understand and communicate at the paragraph level and will use connected sentences and paragraphs independently to identify most supporting details in written & oral text when reading, infer the meaning of unfamiliar words in new contexts, narrate & describe across a wide-range of topics and offer & support opinions or give advice.

     Course objectives are for students to demonstrate competence in the 3 modes using thematic vocabulary with emphasized language structures--  the preterite & imperfect tenses, subjunctive moods, future tense and conditional tense.   Thematic vocabulary units are “Family & Immigration,” “Contemporary Life: Education, Careers & Relationships,” “The Environment,” “Human Rights & the Role of Government.”  Major assignments include: cultural research presentations, essays and short video demonstrations.