• Sales Talk

    Dress Code


    You will sign up for a day and time to present your sales talk.  On that day, come to class dressed to present.  If for some reason you don’t present, you will be assigned a new day and time.  Understand that you lose ten points for each day you are unprepared.  Because of the size of the class, you will only be guaranteed one time slot.  I highly recommend that you are prepared and ready to present on your given time.


    Boys Dress Code:         Shirt


                                           Dress Pants

                                           Dress Shoes

                                           Hair Neatly Combed



    Girls Dress Code:         Dress or Skirt and Blouse

                                           Dress Shoes

                                           Hair and make up applied and presented neatly

                                           Jewelry (don’t wear anything that could be                                                                                                   distracting)



    Your goal is to make a clean and neat professional appearance from the moment you enter the room.


    No gum!  If you are chewing gum or have anything in your mouth, 25 points will be deducted from your grade.


    Sales Talk Attire = 100 points