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Mrs. Ziedonis

February is a busy month!  We have a lot of exciting things happening in our classroom.

We are continuing on in our non-fiction reading and writing units. In reading, the children will read across many books on the same topic and compare and contrast information as they discuss and answer questions. They will also learn to deepen their conversational skills. In writing the children are learning to add non-fiction features which will help teach about their topic in an interesting way. Features we are learning include: partner sentences, questions, topic sentences, tips, hints, warnings, captions, labels, and more! Finally, we will revise and edit to prepare to publish and share our nonfiction books with our classmates.

In math, we will have begun Unit 4, Measurement. Click to read:

 Unit 4 Family Letter

Math at Home Set 4

In social studies, we will complete our new social study studies, Communities. Next, in science, we will begin our Changes on Land Unit and discuss weathering and erosion.

Reminder:If you would like to read a book virtually to the class to celebrate your child’s birthday, please let me know! Thank you! 

Upcoming Events:

February 5- Report cards available to parents through Genesis

Friday,February 10-100th Day of School- Many children like to bring in something that represents the number 100. Your child could wear a shirt, vest or hat with 100 items attached to it,make a collage of 100 items,or bring in a collection of 100 small items. This is optional, but many children are  excited to bring something in.

Tuesday,February 14  -Valentine’s Class Party. We will exchange valentines cards during the day. Please send in a valentine for each child by Feb 14. A class list is here.

February 17,February 20- School closed

As always, thank you for your support from home!

Mrs. Ziedonis