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Mrs. Ziedonis

Dear Boys and Girls,

Welcome to second grade! My name is Mrs. Ziedonis and I will be your new second grade teacher. I am so excited to meet you and have you in my class! I hope you are having a great summer and are looking forward to coming back to school in September. Second grade is so much fun!  You are going to learn so many exciting new things this year and make lots of new friends. Please check the second grade column  for supplies here.  Place the following items in your child’s plastic pencil box to help the first day go smoothly:

  •  12 sharpened pencils,
  • a box of 24 crayons,
  • a box of 8 markers, 
  • scissors, 
  • yellow highlighter,
  • expo markers and eraser, 
  • and a roll of tape and bring them to school on the first day. 

Also, please bring in one marble composition notebook.

 Classroom Donations welcome!

 1 box gallon size ziplock bag

1 box of sandwich size ziploc bags. 

1 package of sensitive skin baby wipes

1 box of tissues

Paper towels

 Please send in a  healthy nut-free snack and water each day.  I  hope you continue to have fun this summer and remember to read and write everyday. I can’t wait to meet you! See you in September!

Your New Teacher,

Mrs. Ziedonis