Please click on the file below to view the Montgomery High School 2015-2016 Program of Studies.

    The MHS Guidance Department encourages all students to review the many exciting course offerings for the following year.  Students should choose courses which are in line with their academic abilities and interests.  They should speak with their current teachers regarding recommendations and selection options as well as their parents and guidance counselors.  Consider courses in fields that interest you and challenge yourself to build a transcript that will help you succeed here at MHS and beyond. 

     Students will meet with their counselors individually beginning in February to select course requests for the following year. At that meeting, counselors will discuss future goals with students in order to have a clear understanding of a student’s needs.  They will also review graduation requirements prior to scheduling. The student and counselor will create a course request list together.  Course requests and alternates should be chosen carefully. The master schedule is built based on these requests.

Last Modified on February 20, 2015