• Science: To begin our study of science, we discussed the role of a scientist and the science safety rules that the children must follow as scientists. We also had a discussion about the expectations for working in collaborative science groups. Safety rules and collaborative work expectations will be reviewed on a regular basis. In addition, the children set up their Interactive Science Notebooks. These notebooks will guide the students in using the scientific method during investigations this year. They will make hypotheses, take observation notes, and reflect on what they learned (analyze and interpret data) from the investigations in these notebooks.
    We are currently engaged in our Magnetism and Electricity Unit. The children are exploring the force of magnetism. Through our investigations, the children will discover that magnets can only stick to certain metals (iron and steel), a force is a push or pull, magnets can attract or repel each other, the force of magnetism can go through materials, and the force of attraction decreases in strength as the distance between two magnets increases. Please help your child to find magnetic objects at home and ask him/her questions about the amazing force of magnetism. 
    During our study of electricity, the children will build a simple circuit in order to light a bulb. From this investigation, the children will learn about the components of a complete circuit which are the source, receiver, and wires. The children will also discover that in order for a circuit to work, the electricity must travel in a complete pathway (circle) from one end of the source, to the receiver, and back to the source. The children will create a simple circuit that makes a motor run and investigate how a switch works in a circuit. They will extend their knowledge of simple circuits by building series and parallel circuits. The students will gain an understanding of the relationship between magnetism and electricity when they create electromagnets.