Exercise equipment has advanced tremendously over the last decade. Today you can run on your treadmill at home, and then slide it under your bed. At the gym, you can choose a program that will all but exercise for you. But, while there are smarter machines, there are still more people not reaching their exercise goals. Why? Because they were never taught how to exercise correctly.

    The 'no pain, no gain" theory is alive and well in most gyms and households today. People believe that they have to go all out to get the best workout possible. What happens then is the majority of people quit because exercise is too hard. Does that sound like you?

    Maybe you have stuck it out, but just can't seem to get those last few pounds off. And it's not from lack of effort. You put your time in at the gym or on your home exercise equipment. But are you sure that you're exercising according to what your goals are? If not, a heart rate monitor may be just the key to get you the results you're looking for.

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Last Modified on January 31, 2009