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    Kids Health – What you need to know about drugs.  Here you will read about what drugs are and what they can do to your body.  When you’re done reading, you can learn more about this topic by clicking on the link on the top of this page called “Drugs, Alcohol, & Smoking” (http://kidshealth.org/kid/grow/) and scrolling down to Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking and clicking on the link of your choice.  While reading the material, please answer the following questions:

    ü  What are the names of some illegal drugs?

    ü  What are two examples of legal drugs?

    ü  What are symptoms that someone is using drugs?

    ü  What happens to your body when you use drugs?

    ü  Why are drugs illegal?

    ü  What does it mean when someone is addicted to drugs?
          Upon completion of the assignment students will partner share their answers to all of the questions provided.  They will also share one piece of information that they found to be the most interesting during this learning process.  Students will obtain a great deal of information from this website during this assignment and will hopefully find it useful enough to revisit in the future with my class. 


    Sportscast: Listen to a sports newscast and have the kids distinguish between factual information and an announcer's opinion. Log the comments or discuss.

    Human Anatomy Online: www.innerbody.com/image/digeov.html- interactive image of the inner body. I chose this link because it allows the students to run their mouse over different organs and tells them what each organ is. If you click on an organ after it is defined that organ pops up in 3D and more details are provided.

    The Virtual Body: http://www.medtropolis.com/VBody.asp- no guts no glory, see if you can organize your organs. I chose this link because it allows the students to take apart the inside organs and then put them back together -- it's really cool and the kids will love it!

    Making the First Day Picture Perfect
    By: Kathleen O'Rahilly

    A lot of teachers have difficulty getting their students engaged on the first day of class. This is especially difficult when the agenda is to cover the rules of the classroom, rather than running around which most students are anxious to do. So Jan Perkins, who teaches at Spanish Fork Middle School in Utah, has suggested an alternative way to go over the guidelines for the rest of the year, which she feels to be quite engaging to the students. This method requires planning, and may be something that you will have to start preparing for now for next year, rather than beginning this in September.

    Through the course of the school year teachers, or their students, can take pictures of other students who are participating in a wide range of activities that are engaged in throughout the year. You may even spice up the photos with graphics by including some fun cartoons and clipart. If you use a digital camera the pictures can be uploaded to the computer instantly, rather than pay a cost and waiting period for film developement, and then having to scan the photos. Once you have your pictures taken, your display can be placed on to a PowerPoint presentation, which you can add audio clips to, such as "jock-jams," or you can separately use a CD or cassette player rather than adding the music files to the slides.

    The power point can be projected onto a larger surface so that all students can view it while you explain what is happening in the slides. You are not limited to activities that the students have engaged in; you may cover almost any topic that needs to be covered in this fashion. For example, you may point out the appropriate dress code by having children model the clothing in the photographs. This is a fun experience for the students who get to be photographed, as well as for those who get to view the photographs. If you wish, you may do separate presentations for each individual grade so that they are viewing photographs of themselves and their friends from the year before. For those individuals who are new to the school, this is also an opportunity for them to get a glimpse of all of the fun activities that they will get a chance to play, as well as hopefully relieving any possible anxiety that they may have regarding your class. In order to insure that students have retained the material which was covered, an assessment quiz can be administered approximately two weeks later. After the slideshow is finished Jan Perkins usually finishes the day off with an exercise which allows her and other students to get to know each other, which works as an icebreaker for all members of the class.

    Amanda Chambers, who teaches at Glendale Elementary, has also made use of similar technology throughout the school year in a comparable way. She had her students take pictures of their partners engaging in a variety of soccer skills. The students were then asked to present their pictures to the class using a media medium, and among the media possibilities was a PowerPoint presentation. While she did not mention using this exercise to introduce her future students to her class, it would appear that the projects from the students of previous years could be presented to her new students on the first day of class. By “recycling" the students' projects you could exhibit them on the first day of class, allowing them to demonstrate many of the topics which need to be covered, such as proper uniform and an example of an activity which they will engage in later. While this method would not necessarily contain as many of the topics which you wish to cover, as did the other method, it will require less time on your part for preparation.

    Another similar activity involving photos was suggested by Sharon Welch, who teaches at Potowmack Elementary School. In her class she places pictures of different skills, which the children have already learned, on rolling mats on the floor. The skills she typically includes are the forward rocker, backward rocker, bunny jump, frog jump, forward roll, backward roll, egg roll, log roll, pencil roll, and mule kick. The mats are laid out with enough space between them to allow for safe movement. The students are then instructed to move between the mats by skipping until the music stops. If you still have the "jock jams" cd which you used during the slideshow, the CD would be an excellent music selection for this activity.

    Once the music stops the children stop, & in groups of approximately three they will perform the activity which is presented in the picture. You may take this opportunity to take pictures of your students engaging in the task, as well as to reuse pictures from last year which had been used in the slideshow on the first day of class to introduce the topic.

    This method of spicing up the first day of class proved to be effective in Jan Perkins class of 6th graders. However this idea seems like one which kids of all ages would find more engaging than the standard lecture. As you can see, this appears to be an activity which would be easy & fun to prepare for. So why not give it a try, and let us know how it works for you!

Last Modified on January 25, 2009