• Pedometers

    Steps to Fitness (with pedometers)
    Purpose of Activity: This is a simple way to use pedometers to encourage movement in game/play/exercise situations. It also allows students (and teacher) to evaluate the fitness potential of different activities.

    -Students will use pedometers to record and graph various activities.

    How Far Can We Go?
    Recording Distance with Pedometers and Microsoft Excel - Students will be working with a partner to complete a fitness challenge. Students will be wearing a pedometer while moving on the track. They will record their steps and enter them into a spreadsheet template. The template will calculate the classes total distance traveled. For this lesson the instructor will need to create their own Excel file for entering data.

    Description of Idea

    This simple activity is just another way to use pedometers to motivate students to move, as well as promote the concept that movement is what's important for health, not the game score. As groups or teams participate in game situations, for example mini-soccer games (2 vs 2), they wear their pedometers. Allow the students to play for a set amount of time. When time is up, instead of counting goals scored, individuals write their number of steps on a personal chart.

    Students will then be able to add their steps over several days or compare a set amount of time in soccer to the same amount of time in a tag game. Students can make judgements about the quality of different activities in promoting fitness.

    Assessment Ideas:

    For individual assessment purposes, approximately 600 steps = 1/4 mile, 1200 steps = 1/2 mile, 1800 steps = 3/4, or 2400 steps = one mile.

Last Modified on January 25, 2009