• Whitaker______ Angela Charboneau
    Mrs. Whitaker ___________Mrs. Charboneau
    Grade 4 Teacher ________Technology Teacher

    Fishburn Park Elementary
    1. Fishburn Park Elementary School
    Roanoke, Virginia

    school sign
    2. Our Class

    3. Our school is big on protecting the environment. That is why our playground is made totally of recycled materials. We love going down (our school is on a hill) and playing on it. We play equipment tag and 2 square.

    4. At Fishburn Park Elementary School, we have a pond. It has lots of goldfish living inside of it.

    lilly pads
    5. The pond has lots of lilly pads floating in it. In the middle of the pond, there is grass. It is an average sized pond.


    6. The dogwood tree is the state tree and flower of Virginia. It is a deciduous tree (this means it loses its leaves each fall) and is fairly common. It's white four-petal flowers bloom in mid-spring.

    7. In gym class there was a sport that used bilateral proficiency and ambidexterity. This sport is speed stacking. There was a cycle we used with 12 cups. There was the 3-6-3, then the 6-6, and finally the 1-10-1. When you downstack the 1-10-1, you want to make it back to a 3-6-3 stack. We also used a timer to get our times on the cycle. The best time was around 18 seconds. This was also a very fun class because we made a huge pyramid with all the cups.

    8. We performed a play about the Jamestown colony in 1607. The play was excellent! There were four songs and a lot of acting. The audience loved it! Our music teacher, Mrs. Cox taught us the song and parts. She is the one who planned it all out, so we are very thankful.

    9. Mrs. Grindo is a lawyer that takes off work every first Friday of the month. She comes to our class to teach us about law and the legal system. We recently conducted a trial about Gold E. Lox and The Three Bears (the students acted the roles). Sadly, Gold E. Lox was guilty and taken to jail by the bailiff.

    10. Mary Kate and Evelyn both play soccer on the Roanoke Star teams. Roanoke Star has a special program for the U15 teams. Every tournament the U15 teams raise money to go to Sweden. At the end of the soccer season they have a tournament. If you win 1st or 2nd you get a trophy. Mary Kate and Evelyn are currently on a U10 team getting ready to move up to U11.

    11. Mary Kate and Evelyn both take horseback riding lessons as an after-school activity. This is a popular sport since there are many farms in Bedford County (near Roanoke). As you can see, we live in a very mountainous area with a lot of trees.

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