• The Classroom
    A snapshot into some aspects of room 118
    Room 118 is a wonderful classroom surrounded by other wonderful classes in on of the first grade hallways. Orchard Hill Elementary School is a very caring and nurturing community for our students.  The teachers always seem to have smiles on their faces as you walk down the halls to our classroom.
    My philosophy is that social and academic learning go hand in hand for students of all ages. The ways in which students interact with one another to cooperate, collaborate, mediate, compromise, convince, and solve problems are skills that will benefit children for the rest of their lives. Being smart is not enough in today's culture- a student must be able to work with others. The culture of this classroom mirrors this philosophy.
    We share many items in this classroom. Pencils, crayons, glue, and erasers will not belong to a single student. They belong to the class, therefore responsibility is shared with the rest of the classmates to share, maintain, and protect these belongings! When two students want the same color crayon and there is only one left, what will they do to solve this impending crisis?!? (One of the joys of teaching, for me, is to watch these interactions improve throughout the year.)
    Part of being "on the team" is to do your job! There are jobs in the classroom that the students share on a revolving basis. The jobs are a responsibility that students should be proud of! Every job is important in its own way- keeping our hands clean, passing out important information to go home, setting up the calendar, or taking a look at the weather... doing a good job keeps the classroom running smoothly and effectively! Be proud of your job and do it well!
    One way of incorporating social learning into the classroom is by including centers. There are various learning centers in the classroom that change or expand depending on what is being studied in our curriculum. Students will be offered the opportunity to go to the cooperative learning centers around the room. Here, they may choose from a variety of educational games, puzzles, books, and crafts to explore classroom concepts with their peers. 
    Overall, I strive to provide a caring and calm atmosphere for all my learners. A place where it is OK to share ideas and OK to ask silly questions. Most of all, it is OK to make mistakes. First Grade is a year of incredible growth for these young students! It is also a time to make friends and begin lifelong relationships with new friends. Let's have fun while we do it.
    - Mr. Reeder
Last Modified on June 30, 2016