•   If you think a book may be too hard for you, try the "five finger test!"
    Beginning readers can use the five finger test to check the their understanding of a book. To check the reading level of your book, take this simple test:

    1) Open the book to the middle and choose any page to read.
    2) Read the page. (aloud if possible)
    3) Put out 1 finger for every word you do not know or cannot pronounce.
    4) If you have 5 fingers out, the book is too difficult to read without help.
    5) If you do not get any fingers up, but are reading very slowly and decoding almost every word, you will not enjoy the book.

    Here's the finger guide:
    1 Finger: This book is o.k. for you.
    2 Fingers: Still good.
    3 Fingers: Could be a bit hard for you to understand.
    4 Fingers: Will be too difficult to read and understand.
    5 Fingers: Choose another book.
    I found this description on the Book Adventure website!  www.bookadventure.com


                    How to Pick Out a Book


    If you want to pick out a book, check out how you do it!


    Why don’t you read about the author—it’s on the page before the back.

    Sometimes there’s things about the book on the back cover.

    Maybe read a page?

    Maybe ask a friend about a book?

    Maybe it’s a bad day to check out a book?

    Maybe do it tomorrow?


    Maybe go check out a book now?


    Hope you like the tips!

    Margot N. 10/06