•  Please check your child's green take-home folder every day. Students should be reading every day at home and practicing their addition and subtraction Math facts within 20 by using mental strategies. 



    Visit the library often & write many articles, stories, poems, and letters.


    Practice your Math facts at least 5 minutes a day or try your hand at solving a developmentally appropriate Math challenge 5 days per week.


    Expect your child's best effort. Not perfection.

    Every night this year please read with an adult. Books, magazines (such as Highlights, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Ranger Rick, or Spider), webpages

     catalogs, board game instructions, CD or DVD liner notes, etc. Keep it fun! Feel free to take turns reading with your parent/guardian to mix it up a bit. Don't forget to pause often to enjoy illustrations, make predictions, notice patterns, ask questions, and share what the reading reminds you of...Talk or write about what you learned!J