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    Communicating With Mr. 'R' 


    If you have any specific questions or information regarding your child, please email Mr. R.  I may not be able to respond immediately, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.  If it is a message needing a response for that day, please leave the message with our school secretary, not on the phone message system. I never check voicemails... 

    Avoid time-sensitive e-mails about same-day dismissal.  I shudder to think I might not see your note if our system goes down or if I am away from school that particular day. 

    If you are e-mailing about dismissal plans for the same day, please follow up with a call to the main office (if you don't read a reply from me before 12:00 pm). The secretaries can send me a note right to the classroom. 
    Best Ways to Communicate:
    2. A note sent in with your child or given to the secretary to put in my main office mailbox.

     Let us keep the lines of communication

    --- W I D E O P E N.----


     Dear Parents,

    I just want to remind you how important it is to send in a note (hard copy) with your child about any changes in your child's after-school dismissal plans.


    "Mr. Rosenberg, I'm supposed to be parent pick up today, but my dad forgot to give me a note."

    We know the mornings can be crazy, but please try to get in the habit of writing parent Pick Up notes or Early Dismissal notes at night to put in your child's take-home folder.

    Recently our phones were "down" in the District. The secretaries had to resort to using their own personal cell phones to contact parents. I was lucky enough to get through to one parent using the fax machine phone in the main office during my instructional preparation time.

    Imagine what would happen if our internet was down today too...

    What if I was absent for school--a substitute wouldn't check my e-mail.

    A substitute might not have the patience or time to follow up with a student's nervous reminding:

    "Mr. R, I'm supposed to be parent pick-up today, but my mom forgot to give me a note."

    Kids are not going to have a productive day if they are worried that their after school plans are misunderstood.

    I think this policy is reasonable:

    If I don't receive a hard copy note or a phone call about a same day dismissal change, your child will go on the bus. If you e-mail about a same-day dismissal change

    and you don't hear back from me with a confirmation by 12:00, I need you to please call the office to follow up with this. Please don't assume that I will be able to see your e-mail an hour before dismissal. I might not see it in time. I might also be absent or at a meeting on a particular day.


    Please know I am only thinking of the safety and well-being of your child. I am not trying to be inflexible--just careful.

    Loyally yours,

    Pete Rosenberg