• The Asistive Tech continuum for READING includes, but is not limited to, the following.
    Low or No Tech (no batteries required)


    • Slant board for positioning text

    page up

    • Page-ups (clips) for positioning text
    • Highlighting tape
    • Erasable highlighting pen
    • Color overlays

    See full size image

    • Bar magnifier
    • Reading window
    • Static pictures paired with text
    Mid Tech
    • Page turning supports
    • Audio recorded books
    • CD player with headphones
    • Reading pen

    • Speaking spell checker, dictionary and/or thesaurus
    High Tech
    • Color support: color background on computer screen
    • Electronic books ( eText, MP3 books, etc.)
    • Text enlargement software
    • Screen reading software
    • Text reading software
    • Scanner with OCR (optical character recognition) software (scan read software)
    • Pictures paired with text software
Last Modified on July 25, 2019