• M.O.O.S.E Binders

    What does M.O.O.S.E stand for?

    Managing Our Organizational Skills Everyday!

    We will use M.O.O.S.E Binders to learn and practice organizational skills.  Each student will have a 1-inch binder that contains all items necessary for effective HOME/SCHOOL communication. This binder will be coming home every night and needs to come back to school every day. Parents, please remember to check your child's M.O.O.S.E binder every day!

    The M.O.O.S.E will include:
    * OHES Take-Home folder (one side for "keep" and the other for "return")
    * Homework Assignment sheet with weekly reminders
    * Copy of our 100s grid for math homework
    * Pouch for lunch/field trip money & pencil
    * Lunch menu for the month
    * Class list
    * Lined writing paper for notes between the teacher and parents
    * Folder for  "Super-Duper Work to Keep"
    * Reading Log and a letter about the Super Star Reading Club!