• Marty the Moose is on the Loose in First Grade!



    I would like to introduce a very special friend that will be part of our class this year.  His name is Marty and he is a moose that loves to travel to new places an experience new things. If you and your family are planning a special trip, or celebrating something special, Marty would love to be part of the fun! Just let Mrs. Staub know if you would like him to join your family for your exciting events or excursions! Don’t worry… Marty also enjoys “hanging out” and relaxing at home with your family as well.

    Marty will be a part of our classroom all year. He will have lots of important jobs to do in the classroom as well as traveling. He would like the opportunity to visit all the families in our classroom. Please send Mrs. Staub an e-mail if you already have an opportunity in mind for Marty to travel or attend a special event with your family.  Sometimes, more than one family might request Marty for a special weekend. If this should occur, we will ask Marty to choose a family to visit out of his moose hat.  But don’t worry…everyone will have a chance to have a special weekend with Marty! Marty will choose the weekends that he would like to travel and the family that he will visit, unless he is asked to attend a special trip or event.

    It is our hope that we can document Marty’s adventures through journaling, discussion, sharing, and photos. If you would like to take pictures of Marty’s adventures with your family, you can send them to Mrs. Staub through back-pack mail or you can also e-mail them to her.  There will be time during Morning Meeting for the sharing of Marty’s adventures. Stay turned for more information about Marty’s adventures!