• Behavior Management System


    Classroom Rules: These rules are established by the students and the teacher after discussion of our Hopes and Dreams for our school year together. We will establish rules that will help us focus on respecting others, ourselves, and our classroom environment. Our classroom rules are:

    1. Be safe

    2. Be respectful

    3. Be your best!

    In addition to these rules, the students and the teacher work together to establish and set more classroom rules to be followed.


    In a Responsive Classroom, three behavior strategies are used in a proactive and reactive manner. These strategies are logical consequences for actions, the belief that if you broke it (or if you did something wrong) you need to fix it, and positive time-out, which we call "Take a Break" in our classroom.


    "Logical Consequences," "You Broke it, You Fix it," and "Take a break": All of our actions have consequences, both positive and negative. Consequences given to students (and sometimes chosen by students) for actions are both relevant and realistic to the behavior. The goals of logical consequences are to:

    • Help students recognize the connection between their actions and the outcome of those actions.
    • Assist students in fixing problems caused by their mistake or misbehavior.
    • Help students make amends and preserve their relationships.
    • Allow students to avoid similar problems in the future.

    The above information is taken from the book Responsive Classroom: Level I Resource Book, Copyright 2007 by the Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc.


    In our classroom, there is a special spot used by all children in which they can "Take a Break." Students can choose to use this space to calm down, gain control, and think about their actions so they can correct a behavior. We all need to take a break from what we are doing sometimes and we all have a spot in which to "get away" from something for a moment.  The "Take a Break" spot provides students with a spot to gain control, refocus, and make a plan so they can continue to be successful learners. Sometimes the teacher may also suggest that a student "Take a Break," in which the student goes to the designated spot in the classroom to think, gain control, come up with a plan to fix the behavior, and rejoin the group when they are ready.  The "Take a Break" spot in the classroom is a positive experience, not a negative place for children. This spot helps children gain control and continue their learning in a safe and respectful way.


    Keeping on Track with Great Behavior: Themed Behavior Games


    In our classroom, we play lots of behavior games to reinforce positive behavior in the classroom!  Warnings are given if a student displays behavior which will cause them to loose one of the behavior game pieces (warm fuzzies). If the behavior is not corrected after the warning, the student will loose one of the behavior game pieces. This piece can be earned back if the student works to correct their behavior. If a student consistently looses game pieces, they will stay in for recess to make a plan with the teacher to get their behavior “back on track.”  A note may come home, from either your child or the teacher, so you are aware of your child’s behavior so you can discuss the behavior and plan at home.


    Mystery Sentence and Cookie Compliments

    (Whole Class)

    · The class earns letters for a mystery sentence, that when all letters are earned, reveals a special surprise for the class, such as extra recess.

    · How do we EARN letters for our mystery sentences?

    One letter (or sometimes more) is earned if…

    *The class receives a compliment for their hard work and behavior from their specials’ teachers.

    *The class receives a compliment for their proper hallway behavior from another teacher or administrator.

    *The class receives a compliment for their proper behavior during lunch and recess.

    • We also have a cookie tray, in which the students can earn cookies. Once the students have earned a dozen cookies, a mystery, whole class surprise is picked. The students earn cookies if the above behaviors are displayed.