• Going on a vacation? 
    I usually do not send make-up work home with your child prior to your trip.  I send the work that was missed while your child was away when they return to school.  This work can be done at your leisure and returned when completed.  However, here are some activities that your child can do while away on vacation:
    • Write in their Life Book.  Your child can write about all their experiences in their Life Book.  They can also glue pictures, post cards, and tickets into their Life Book.
    • Fill in a travel journal (journal provided by me).  In this journal, there are fun activities and spaces to write about all the fun things you do on your trip.  There is even space for pictures, post cards, and tickets. Let me know if you would like a journal for your child to use.
    • A photograph book.  Provide your child with a disposable camera.  Let them take pictures of things they find interesting on their trip.  Develop the pictures when you return home and have your child write captions under each picture.  The pictures can be attached to poster board or put into an album.  Your child can bring this to school to share with us!
    Looking for a fun and educational place to take the family (that is not too far away) over the summer or over break? Here are some suggestions:
    • Liberty Science Center
    • The Franklin Science Center
    • The Baltimore Aquarium
    • The Philadelphia Zoo
    • Washington D.C.- The Museum of Natural History, The National Air and Space Museum, and the The Natural Museum of American History (any many others!)
    • The Crayola Factory

    If you have any other suggestions of places, please let me know so I can add them to my list!