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      "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for."-
      Georgia O'Keefe, artist
      Dear Parents and Guardians,
         As our 2015/2016 school year continues, Orchard Hill artists have been busy in the creative process!  Kindergartners are learning all about color and the color wheel, and have created a fruit color wheel or fruit bowl using clay.  Students had to mix their own secondary colors with the primary colors, using primary colored oil pastels, and/or primary colored Model Magic.  They also learned about the artist Paul Cezanne and created their own still life using cut paper, oil pastel, and tissue paper.  They learned about the principle of design called pattern, and created a background.  We also learned about the directional lines, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal; and other kinds of line, such as curved and angular lines.  Our end of year projects will include paper sculpture and origami!
         First Graders have been busy learning about the warm/cool colors and creating autumn leaves floating in water.  We learned how to mix the secondary colors, and created our own color wheel.  Inspired by the artist Vincent Van Gogh, first graders created their own "Starry Night",  combining that with Van Gogh's love of sunflowers.  We learned about three-dimensional form and "sculpted",  by using the pinch and pull techniques, our own clay animals.  We are learning about Claude Monet and the Impressionism style of art and painting our own "Monet's Bridge".  We are currently creating paper sculptures using various paper cut techniques!  Our final projects will include origami and paper weaving!
          Second Graders reviewed the different kinds of line and created a line drawing in the warm/cool colors.  We learned about the artist Pablo Picasso, which tied in with our second grade assembly program "Picasso People", and created a collage in Cubism.  We also painted a birch tree landscape, learning about the foreground, middle ground, and background of a picture, and we have just finished an "Under the Sea" painting in mixed media.  Now second graders will be working in three-dimensional form and making clay gargoyles, and after our clay unit, students will learn about the reverence of cats in ancient Egypt and second graders will create their own mummified cat using paper towel rolls!  We will end the year with some origami.
        As we near the final week or two of our creative year, all students will experience open art studio, where stations of various art media will be set up for their choosing.
        We began our year with a blank canvas, and are ending the year with exciting creations of art! 
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