• Math Assessments [formal quizzes and tests]
    Questions will be labeled with the appropriate skill level. Students are expected to master Secure and Developing skills.
    Here is the breakdown of scores:
    o       Secure [S]                                5 points
    o       Developing/Secure [D/S]        4 points
    o       Developing [D]                        3 points
    o       Beginning/Developing [B/D]       2 points
    o       Beginning [B]                             1 point
    Partial credit, as determined by the team of fifth grade math teachers, is awarded for certain items.
    ·        Math tests only (not quizzes) with a score of 69% or lower may be retaken. The highest score that can be achieved on the retest is 70%. If new scores are lower than a 70%, then the higher score will be given. (i.e.: First test: 62; Second: 67; final score = 67%; The 62% will be discarded.)
    o    This practice is consistent with all fifth grade math classes. Please note that 70% is considered a passing grade. A test with a score of 70% or higher may not be retaken.
    o    Test retakes are given on Tuesday, Ms. LaMarra’s after school help day. (Help Day is subject to change.)
    Math grades for each marking period consist of the following percentages:
    • End-of-unit assessments (tests): 60%
    • Mid-unit assessments (quizzes and other): 25%
    • Homework: 5%
    • Work Habilts/Study Skills: 10%
    Keep up with homework.
    Study and practice daily.
    Check Parent Resources to see your child's grades. A login in number and password is needed. If there are problems accessing the site, e-mail Geoff Simpson for asssistance.