• What are students accountable for in math?

    * Care needs to be taken to read questions carefully and to follow all directions. Directions are reinforced during lessons in class. However, extra reinforcement at home would be appreciated!

    * Do not rush to be the first person to hand in the assessment. Quizzes and tests are timed to encourage students to slow down and inspect their work thoroughly. A paper submitted 10 minutes after start time is likely to have more careless errors than it would if the entire 60 minutes [for tests] were used.

    * It is helpful to read each question a minimum of 3 times.

        Go through the assessment once and answer all questions that you can. Skip ones that you are not sure of. Mark any questions that were skipped or ones that need a second look.

        Go back to complete the questions that were marked.
    * Try to answer all questions. Students often know the material, but are not confident. If the answer is left blank, it will be marked wrong. If an attempt is made with a correct response, credit will be awarded.

    * Always show and check work!

    * Be sure to provide a response for all questions. Sometimes students lose points because a question was inadvertently skipped. It helps to go through the test, pointing out each question and response.
    * Always label answers, when possible. Partial credit will be deducted for missing or incorrect labels.