• Math counts!
    Math homework counts!
    However, homework is worth 5% of the overall math grade for each marking period.
    Ten percent is a very small amount when the other components of the math grade are considered. See the Math Assessments page for the breakdown of percentages that create the final math grade. It is possible that a student may miss a homework assignment and still maintain an "A" average [providing, of course, that test and quiz grades are consistently high and that a good work ethic is maintained].
    There are three phases necessary for successful completion of math homework in Ms. LaMarra's class.
    1. Complete the homework page to the best of your ability. [Do what you can. If you get stuck, then stop. However, you must ask questions the next day to clear up any confusion.]
    2. Bring the completed page to school.
    3. Then, bring the completed page to math class at the appropriate time of the day.
    Math homework is not graded for accuracy, only for prompt completion to reinforce responsibility. An attempt must be made.
    Credit will also be given for the prompt return of signed math tests and quizzes. They must be returned.
    Here are the numbers:
    • 10    Complete and on time
    • 9      One day late
    • 8      Two days late
    • 7      Three days late
    • 6      Four days late
    • 5      Five days late
    • 4      Six days late
    • 3      Seven days late
    • 2      Eight days late
    • 1      Nine or more days late, but the HW is handed in before the end of the marking period
    • 0      The homework never appears.
    If a student forgot their homework, a "0" is input into the computer for tracking purposes. If the student brings the homework in the next day, the "0" is changed to a 9. The student will not receive a reminder from the teacher. It is their responsibility to follow through.
    What if a student is absent? Ask the teacher or a peer about the missed homework. Bring it in the next day for full credit (10). However, students must ask about the homework upon return. Missed work should be made up to receive full credit.

    What does math HW look like?

    • Normally, a Study Links page is assigned.
    • The Study Links workbook is always kept in class. A single sheet ripped from the workbook should be transported to and from school in a designated Take Home folder.
    • Other times, a worksheet is assigned instead.
    • Sometimes, a Journal page in addition to or instead of the above items will be assigned. In this case, the entire journal should come home.
    ·        Occasionally, there will be a combination of the items listed above or a reasonable alternate choice.
    ·        When we start a new unit, parents should ask their child for the family letter and answer key.
    Grades can be checked on Parent Resources.