• For September



    Students are excited to finally get one, but many bring everything in their locker home at night causing the backpack to become too heavy. Students should leave books that are not needed for homework in their lockers. There is ample time at the end of the day to figure out what needs to go home for the night. If a student is unsure about what needs to be brought home, they should see their teacher(s) before getting on the bus.



    Always bring the following to all classes:

    ·       Agenda

    ·       Take Home folder, including a copy of your schedule

    ·       Soft, pencil case with supplies, including a sharp pencil and tape. No mechanical pencils for math or science.


    Items needed for math and science:

    ·       Math Journal, Volume 1: provided by your teacher

    ·       Math Thinking Book [marble or any color composition book]

    ·       Spiral notebook for science: to be provided by the student
    • Goggles will be kept in class for science.


    Math Homework:

    ·       To help reduce backpack bulk, Study Links workbooks are left in school. Each day, students tear out the page needed for the night and place it in their Take Home folder. Careful listening and the ability to follow routines will help students get that page home at night and returned the next day.

    ·       The agenda and take home folder should go home each night, including weekends.


    * Extra binders and Trapper Keepers take up too much room in the locker. Since they are not needed, please leave them home.
    * Do not bring rolling backpacks with wheels. They will not fit in the lockers.



    The challenge of handling an instrument reoccurs each year for new fifth graders. Since the lockers here at LMS are not very roomy, instruments may be left in the child's homeroom. However, students must remember to take the instrument home at the end of the day in order to keep up with daily practice. No one should abandon an instrument in the hallway near lockers. There is a risk that the it may not be found where it was left. Sometimes students drop instruments off at the band room before the start of the school day. Check with the band teacher to see if this is a manageable option.