• Student Performance Expectations

    Art Cycle 6th Grade

    Ms. Milgram




           This course is designed to help you to:

    ·         Express yourself through the language of visual art

    ·         Develop your creativity and critical thinking skills

    ·         Develop your visual awareness and perceptual skill

    ·         Develop an awareness of how art connects to our world and ourselves 

    Components of Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE)

    ·         Production- Explore a variety of media, techniques and safety practices used in creating art

    ·         Art History/Culture- Learning about, looking at, talking about, and writing about art across different times and cultures (art in the context of a specific time and place)

    ·         Art Criticism- Learning how to look at works of art by analyzing art to discover how artists apply the elements and principals of art, comparing and contrasting works of art, and using the language of art to discuss art made in class

    ·         Aesthetics- Developing your ability to discuss and write about the nature of art and beauty and form opinions about what art is and why artists create it.


    In keeping with the six pillars of character the main rule is RESPECT.

    • Follow all school rules in the art room.
    • Show respect to teacher, other students, materials and tools and most importantly to the work we do and to the ideas expressed in the class.
    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared w/ a regular #2 pencil, a large eraser, and your MMS agenda book for every class (and bring homework if it is assigned).
    • Use your time well.
    • Help clean-up.
    • Sign your work.
    • Make- up work in a timely fashion.
    • TRY YOUR BEST! (Participate)


    • Daily grades are given for following the rules listed above.
    •  Big projects are graded w/ two equal grades, one for the product (how it looks, creativity, how you used a particular skill or skills) and one for the process (how you acted during the creation of this project, did you hand in all parts, participate, have a good attitude, etc.)
    • Homework, quizes, rubrics, reflective writing and class work may also be averaged in the grade


    *My late day is Tuesday. You can come to make art, enter contests, catch up on work, get extra help, or help clean the art room.



    We participate in a variety of exhibits and contests.  There  may be trips and visiting artists in some cycles.


    *Parents are invited to view ongoing displays of student art all around the school and at the Board of Education building.