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    You will become a true historian this year!
    Use this page to gain information regarding our current Social Studies unit and to extend and review key skills and concepts. You can find more information in the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies.

    Units of Study
    Government    wm        Westward Expansionaa
    Industrial Revolutiona      Immigrationst

    Interactive Notebooks
    We will be using SS Interactive Notebooks, which are a way to organize information & "interact" with what you are learning.  You will record what you learn, your "input", on the right side of the notebook.  This will include class notes, observations, definitions, facts, etc.  On the left side of your notebook, you will be able to interact with the new material to help you better understand, your "output".  Some of the things this side will include are reflections, predictions, questions, and graphic organizers.   We will be spending time setting up and discussing how to use  the Interactive notebooks and what is expected. It is very easy to learn how to record your input and information from other sources! 
    Our first unit will be....
    American Government!
    Students will connect their lives to the documents that formed our country. While exploring the documents, students discover what makes the United States unique!
    Helpful Links
    National Geographic Kids Fun and games related to all units and resources we use in class
    Our Documents Look at the REAL documents we are learning about in class and see a transcript for an easier read!
    First Gov Sites to extend and enrich skills and concepts about US government