• Reading Workshop


    Reading workshop instruction centers around independent reading, book club discussion groups, and guided reading. In each of these areas of learning, vital comprehension strategies of predicting, questioning, inferring, determining importance, synthesizing, and visualizing are incorporated into daily lessons. These strategies will enable students to construct further meaning from a variety of texts.


    During Book Clubs, students are asked to think deeply about their chosen novel and reflect in small discussion groups. They share their feelings regarding the elements within the story and any comprehension strategies used while they were reading. 


    Students will complete responses to an independent reading book regularly. They are asked to summarize what they read and record any comprehension strategies used throughout the reading process. Students are taught to support their statements and thoughts with textual evidence to demonstrate maximum success as a reader and provide an opportuinity to share their thoughts about the process of reading and their current novel of choice.


    Informational text is used to develop study skills needed to process information effectively. Students will read about current events and explore numerous, age appropriate 

    non-fiction texts to gain a better understanding of the many structures and features of non- fiction reading materials.


    Reading can take you anywhere!aaaaaa