Students will complete each writing piece through pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. Strategies for each step of the writing process will be explored throughout the year. 


    A Writer's Notebook will be used to collect different topics for writing pieces.  With teacher scaffolding, students will select and narrow down topics of their choice.


    Students will utilize different pre-writing strategies and create a variety of plans for their writing pieces.


    Throughout the revising process, students will experiment with sentence variation, and ways to create stronger leads and conclusions. Students will emulate professional authors' crafts and writing techniques into their own writing.


    Students will not only correct their spelling and use of grammar throughout the editing process, but also recognize the various ways punctuation can affect their writing.


    Students will publish their writing using creativity, individuality and  a variety of publishing methods.


    We will focus on a number of different writing pieces throughout the year including; Memoirs, persuasive pieces, I-Search (Novice research papers), historical fiction journals, craft pieces and poems.


    Students are encouraged to live, think and read like writers!     

    boyWRITEgggg ON!