Small group counseling is an opportunity for students to enhance their academic, social and/or emotional skills.  Groups are offered twice per school year.  The first session of groups begin late fall and the second session of groups begin in early spring.  Groups typically run for 6-8 sessions and are based upon need and availability.

    The classroom teacher will contact you if they are recommending your child participates in a group.  Participation is voluntary and requires parent approval.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child's counselor if they feel their child would benefit from any of the following groups:
    Friendship (Social Skills)

    Divorce/Separation (Combined K-2)

    I Like Me (Self Esteem) 

    Managing Emotions 
    How Does My Engine Run? (Self Regulation)  
    Skills for Learning (Listening Skills)
    Circle of Three (Navigating Friendships-girls only)
Last Modified on November 7, 2017