• ¡Hola!  It is very exciting to learn about another culture and language.  Our goal is to do this in a relaxed and friendly environment while having fun.


    How will the program be implemented?

    There will be world language classes twice every six days for 40 minutes.


    Will my child receive homework in Spanish?

    No written homework will be assigned.  The students are encouraged to share with you what is learned in class.  Also, here in this webpage you will find a variety of resources that you may use with your child to reinforce and practice what is learned in class.


    When will the students begin to write and read in Spanish?

    Spanish classes are based on research on how a child acquires a second language.  Emphasis is placed on communication beginning with listening comprehension.  By imitating the teacher the students develop the ability to mimic and speak in words.  Later on as they make progress they are able to speak in sentences.


    What is the “Silent Period” of second language acquisition?

    The “Silent Period” is when a child is absorbing the language without producing it.  When your child learned his first language he understood before speaking.  The same is true in second language acquisition.  In our program we enable the student to understand by using pictures, actions, gestures, regalia, games, videos and TPR (Total Physical Response) commands.  Do not expect your child to initially produce the language.  Our goal is for your child to communicate in the language, not to do verb drills and translate.  We hope that your child will be a successful language learner who can take the knowledge and use it to communicate.


    Will my child receive tests and quizzes?

    Your child will receive evaluation or assessment activities.  The purpose of these is to determine how well we are meeting our program objectives.


    Will my child need additional practice, or do I need to get a tutor?

    Absolutely not! This is an introductory program.  Your child will develop proficiency at his own rate. 


    Gracias (Thank you),

    Sra. Medina