• CAFE Menu

      The Reader's CAFE is a system of managing reading instruction and assessment. The CAFE Menu Board located in our classroom is an anchor of all of the new reading strategies we learn each day to help us become better readers. There are four areas of reading instruction that we focus on: COMPREHENSION, ACCURACY, FLUENCY, and EXPANDED VOCABULARY. These four areas create the acronym CAFE. Just as customers go to a restaurant and use the menu to view the many choices for their meal, the Reader's CAFE provides students with lists of choices of reading strategies to use as they encounter difficulties in their reading. If students are not equipped with a wide range of strategies, they cannot be successful readers. The CAFE board is a visual reminder to students that there are many strategies that good readers use. We will add to the menu board throughout the school year. It takes a lot of practice with each strategy before it becomes natural. I will model these strategies each day during whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction. Attached is a copy of the Reader's CAFE Menu.
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