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     School Wires Workshop
     or rename
     Add a new page and add one cell with background color
    Right click and select "Table Properties" to add color and borders. 
    Click "Insert Image" icon on far left and click "shared images"
    shared images

    Next find image on the Internet. Use public domain images.

    Save onto desktop and then click Insert Image and click browse to find your saved image; click continue; name your picture; click insert image

    Resize picture by doubling clicking and resize

    Inserting a file to your website: 
    1. Look for paper clip
    2. Click "Browse"
    3. Locate your file and select it and click "open"
    4. Click "Continue" and type the link text you want to appear
    5. Click "insert file"
    6. Tip:  You can rename your file by clicking inside the blue link
    Inserting a web page link to your page: 
    1. Find link you want to use and copy url
    2. Look for "insert link" icon
    3. Click "Web Address"
    4. Paste url into "web address"
    5. Click "insert link"
    6. Tip:  Delete http:// or https:// because link will not work
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