Welcome to the New Jersey Science League-Biology & Environmental Science Teams!

  • Advisor: Mr. Bulusu
    Email Address: rbulusu@mtsd.us
    The club is open to all students interested in competing in science based individual and team competitions.  Teams are organized based on current class enrollment (i.e. students in AP Biology would compete against students from other student who are also currently enrolled in an AP Biology class).  Student members are expected to attend team practices organized after school, prepare for competitions independently, participate in study groups, and attend team competitions monthly January through April.  Students will receive certificates of participation, a ranking in Somerset County, a New Jersey State Science League ranking and also compete for team recognitions.  The life science team includes students currently enrolled in any biology or environmental science class.
    I have created a google classroom for Science league club.  All the members will receive the code to use the resources for testing.
    MHS has Two Biology teams in the NJ Science League. and One Environmental Science Team
    Biology I is for any student currently enrolled in any level of biology other than AP.
    Biology II is for current AP Biology students. 
    Environmental Science is for APES students.    Regular CP Enviro students may take it, but your ranking will be against AP students.
    The teams go to a host school where students sit for one 50 minute test per month for 4 months in a row.  The students and teams are then ranked against every other student and team in the state.   
    Permission Slips are required when we go to other schools.   You may change the date and location on this form.

    Test Dates

    http://entnet.com/~personal/njscil/html/index.html  is the official website for NJSL.

    The NJSL site has test dates, topics of study, and copies of tests with answer keys for the past 3 years.  It will also post scores by school with student initials when they are updated.

    I have some old tests to use for review and practice on this website that are only accessible to MHS students.  But with topic changes and format changes, they are not as valuable as the most recent tests that are available to everyone.
    You must sign in at the bottom of the page using the same user ID and password that you would use to sign in on a school computer.  Once you have, you will see a "practice exams" tab on the top left of this page, that is invisible to visitors who do not sign in.