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    Symphonic Band (please click the link for our 2018-2019 handbook)

    Symphonic Band is for students in 9th through 12th grade. The objectives of the course are to increase individual instrumental proficiency skills; increase ensemble skills pertaining to the concert band idiom; deepen students’ understanding of their musical intelligence and knowledge; enhance appreciation of music; enhance self-awareness and self-esteem; increase self-reflection and creative thinking skills; stress individual and group responsibility through membership in a democratic organization; foster pride in Montgomery High School; develop self-discipline through the study and performance of demanding music; and to develop poise and self-confidence through public performance. The Symphonic Band performs a minimum of three times per year. Repertoire performed is normally grade III and IV. Marking period grades are determined by a number of factors, to include attendance at and preparation for lessons with the band director during unit lunch, successful presentation of mandatory concerts, individual repertoire playing assessments, individual pedagogical benchmark assessments, student-graded rehearsals and concerts, homework completion, and class preparation.